Monday, September 16, 2013

Domina Victoria Rage

is a Professional Seattle Dominatrix, Lifestyle Sadist & BDSM Blogger (1). On her website, Victoria explains “I have been dominating and exploring the kinky side of life since I was a young woman, fortunately for me, along the way there was no shortage of pervy or submissive volunteers at my fingertips! It comes as no surprise to anyone in my life, that I entered the world of Professional Domination back in 2002.

Passion is the driving force behind everything in my world. I do not make excuses for it, nor do I give in to restraint or hesitation when there is no need to. I simply can't help but eagerly follow my own lusts, helping others in a sane and controlled environment; to do the same. I am a firm believer in self-exploration, self-indulgence and living life without hesitation!!!

Though our daily lives do not ALWAYS afford us an opportunity to let our inner selves out, I enjoy the ability to offer a sanctuary from judgment, hindrance and distraction. I am the catalyst and facilitator or your deepest fantasies.

It doesn't matter WHY you enjoy the things you do....just accept it....enjoy it....and let me open your eyes to something exquisite" (2).

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   Domina Victoria Rage answers 25 of the Best

Who was the last person you told “I love you”?
Victoria:  Probably my Grandmother.

What will you find in your refrigerator if you looked right now?
Victoria:  Nothing useful at all! An unreasonable amount of cheese for starters, cookie dough and lots and lots of condiments, but no actual food.

What was your favorite childhood toy?
Victoria:  The neighborhood boys.

What is the worst tasting thing you have ever eaten?
Victoria:  Raw chickpeas!!!!! These were a regular (and very depressing) fixture for Wednesday night dinners back in boarding school. It was absolutely VILE!

In the film of your life, who plays you and what is the title?Victoria:  Humm, I'd say Katherine Isabelle as my actress and I would skip the title. I'd just go all Beatles/Metallica on my movie.

What was the last expletive that you used?
Victoria:  Probably fuck. I say it a LOT in my line of work.

What is your favorite horror movie?
Victoria:  Killer Clowns from Outer Space! As a child it horrified me but as an adult, I still love it for the campy fun.

Has the greatest moment in your entire life happened yet?
Victoria:  I've had a lot of great moments, but life always gets better and better. I think the best is still ahead of me.

Do you remember the last time you saw a random act of kindness and can you describe it?
Victoria:  In person, I honestly can't remember....but people sure seem to like posting their good deeds on the internet so I've come across plenty of those. None that stick out in particular.

If your iPod could only hold 3 songs, what would they be?
Victoria:  My iPod can only hold 3 songs? Sounds like it's time for a new iPod!
1) Phantom of the Opera - (Nightwish's cover)
2) Under Pressure - David Bowie/Queen
3) Magdalena - A Perfect Circle

What are you currently reading?
Victoria:  A few medical text books and The Complete Works of HP Lovecraft.

If a sad looking random stranger approached you on the street and asked for a hug, would you?
Victoria:  Yes, absolutely yes.

What was your last awkward moment?
Victoria:  Waiting at Starbucks for my coffee while the barista attempts to interrogate me about my job in front of a small group of other waiting customers. Being a Dominatrix, I tend to skirt the issue. 6 various questions later to narrow down my chosen field, he hands me my coffee - and it's wrong.

If personalities had an odor, what would you smell like?
Victoria:  Leather!

Describe your perfect "me" time?
Victoria:  Exiting a very hot shower on my way to bed, AC on full blast in the bedroom, my sheets are freshly laundered and a new episode of Top Gear on the TV.

What is your favorite condiment?
Victoria:  Sriracha mayo.

What is your greatest life lesson so far?
Victoria:  Do whatever it takes to be self sufficient! When it really comes down to it, the only person you can count on 100% is YOU.

What is your theme song?
Victoria:  Christian Woman - Type O Negative

If you were a cartoon character who would you be? Why?
Victoria:  Jessica Rabbit because even as a cartoon, I still have the hots for her.

What do you do when you feel sad or depressed?
Victoria:  I keep calm and carry on! I don't have time for melt downs.

If a turtle loses his shell, is he naked or homeless?
Victoria:  Naked....and he should probably put on a sweater or something.

Describe the perfect kiss using no more than 5 words?
Victoria:  I actually don't like kissing!

What is your greatest fear?
Victoria:  That one day spiders will evolve to a point where that have smash proof exoskeletons and be double their current size.

What is the best dish you can cook?
Victoria:  I can't cook savory items but I can bake like a madwoman. Triple chocolate brownies are my specialty.

Do you truly feel loved?
Victoria:  Abundantly so.

Thank you, Victoria!

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