Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mike O'Phee

is the dynamic lead vocalist for the Windsr, Ontario based band MicLordz & Sauce Funky or MLSF to their fans. Known for the live performances and their unique sound fusing the best of funk, rock and hip-hop.

A unique sound that has drawn comparisons to such mega bands as Rage Against the Machine meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  -  Pure Grain Audio'

Listening to the MicLordz & Sauce Funky is like getting punched in the face by Awesome...but seeing [them] live?  That's more like getting baseball batted to the Awesome.  - The Rock Tribune  




Mike O'Phee answers 25 of the Best

Who was the last person you told "I Love You"?
Mike:  Probably my girlfriend.

What will you find in your refrigerator if you looked right now?
Mike:  Roast beef, cottage cheese, chicken breast, villagio thick sliced white bread, chocolate milk, beer, and honey crisp apples.

What was the last expletive that you used?
Mike:  Get the fuck fuck outta my face, when we practiced it with the band earlier tonight.

When was the last time you cried?
Mike:  Probably the last time matte my guitarist and I laughed till we cried about something. It tends to happen every year and a half or so, I love it.

What is the worst tasting thing you have ever eaten?
Mike:  Off the top of my head, Cat food accidentally.

In the film of your life, who plays you and what is the title?
Mike:  Hmm...maybe Mark Walhberg. Live and die rockin...haha I guess.

What is the last furry thing that you touched?
Mike:  Never mind j/j probably my dog.

When was the last time you had a hangover?
Mike:  Hmm it's been awhile, since I quit drinking hard alcohol a year and a half ago I haven't had any crazy memorable hangovers.  

Do you remember the last time you saw a random act of kindness?
Mike:  I like holding doors open for people and appreciate when it's done for me too, simple.

If your iPod could only hold 3 songs, what would they be?
Mike:  Wow...blind melons- mouthful of cavities maybe kid rock- somebody's gotta feel this, and nirvana- where did u sleep last night.

What are you currently reading?
Mike:  Bob lefsetz email blogs daily.

Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Mike:  Most likely, unfortunately.

If personalities had an odor, what would you smell like?
Mike:  St. Andrews Hall.

You are running in a race and overtake the second-place runner. What position are you now in?
Mike:  The place I planned to be in the moment I stated training for that race.

Describe your happy place?
Mike:  On stage, connecting with our fans.

What is the longest period that you have ever gone without taking a bath?
Mike:  I don't bath I shower. Couple weeks probably haha. I only wash my hair maybe 30-40 times a year. Shower daily usually though.

What is your theme song?
Mike:  MLSF- My World.

Have you ever been spanked or spanked someone as an adult?
Mike:  Quite frequently, it's just as important to start your day with one as breakfast.

What do you do when you feel sad or depressed?
Mike:  Listen to music, get inspired by it and usually put my feelings to paper. Sometimes if I'm lucky enough it ends up in one of our songs.

If you were being attacked by the tickle monster, who would you want it to be?
Mike:  A litter of puppies haha.

Do you believe in ghosts? Why?
Mike:  Apparently I lived in a house with ghosts and friends of mine had experiences, I didn't however so for now I'm gonna say maybe.

Describe the perfect kiss using no more than 5 words?
Mike:  Open mouth, long, wet, steamy.

What is your greatest fear?
Mike:  Not a fan of slow heights like Ferris wheels.

What is the best dish you can cook?
Mike:  Garlic chicken alfredo with sautéed portobello mushrooms and onions. With garlic bread and melted cheddar cheese on top. Dessert it with some cookies and cream ice cream, wow.

Do you truly feel loved?
Mike:  Yes, by many people and I'm very fortunate.

Thank you, Mike!

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