Saturday, December 22, 2012

Max Sweeten:

is the (Bob and Sheir) show's director, but he is often heard in the background and frequently comes to the microphone. He, too, spent some formative years in the Philadelphia area, then in Washington, D.C. He began his radio career in Virginia at age 16. Max, who does a great deal of voice-over work apart from this show, has won three Addy Awards, for his work in radio and TV commercials. - Wikipedia

Max has been with Bob & Sheri for more than eleven years, so if you need blackmail-worthy dirt on either of them, he's your man. All major credit cards accepted. Max grew up in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. He got his start in radio at a religious station in Virginia at the age of 18. In addition to his duties directing Bob & Sheri, Max is active in local theater. He has won two coveted Addy awards for his work in television and radio commercials. Currently the national spokesman for a termite control service, Max also has worked alongside live cows and weed whackers. Hey, nobody said it was glamorous, but then again, neither is his day job. - 1079thelink

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Max Sweeten answers 25 of the Best

Who was the last person you told “I love you”?
Max:  My Parents earliest this week.

What will you find in your refrigerator if you looked right now?
Max:  Pictures of my family and my friend Lamar, my friends from High School and a magnet of the Filipino Elvis impersonator "RenElvis" who is a friend.

What was the last expletive that you used?
Max:  F*%K! (after spilling coffee).

When was the last time you cried?
Max:  Two weeks ago. I haven't had the best year and the holidays can be tricky.

What is the worst tasting thing you have ever eaten?
Max:  Baked Bean Sandwiches!

In the film of your life, who plays you and what is the title?
Max:  William Hurt (since I am told that we resemble each other, but he is the more attractive version). "Someone up There Likes Me!".

What is the last furry thing that you touched?
Max:  Comforter on my sofa

When was the last time you had a hangover?
Max:  October 12th 1984

Do you remember the last time you saw a random act of kindness?
Max:  Someone in front of me at the grocery stored helped pay for someone's groceries who was short on money.

If your iPod could only hold 3 songs, what would they be?
Max:  In My Life by the Beatles, Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin, and The Clair De Lune by Debussy.

What are you currently reading?
Max:  No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton

Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Max:  Sadly yes,

If personalities had an odor, what would you smell like?
Max:  Lavender

You are running in a race and overtake the second-place runner.
What position are you now in?
Max:  A very surprised position!

Describe your happy place?
Max:  Acting on Stage or Hot Springs NC in the Mountains.

What is the longest period that you have ever gone without taking a bath?
Max:  2 Days (I was sick)

What is your theme song?
Max:  I can't think of one

Have you ever been spanked or spanked someone as an adult?
Max:  No and Yes

What do you do when you feel sad or depressed?
Max:  Call friends and try to get out of myself by helping someone else.

If you were being attacked by the tickle monster, who would you want it to be?
Max:  My Brother (He always would tickle me when we were kids).

Do you believe in ghosts? Why?
Max:  Yes, There are too many unexplained ghost-like phenomena.

Describe the perfect kiss using no more than 5 words?
Max:  Long, soft, slow, deliberate.

What is your greatest fear?
Max:  Failure or being convicted of a crime I didn't commit.

What is the best dish you can cook?
Max:  Pork Roast with mashed potatoes and gravy. 

Do you truly feel loved?
Max:  Yes.

Thank you, Max!

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