Friday, August 9, 2013

Leeson Fischer

is a podcaster known by Whovians and Rassifans everywhere for the award winning Radio Rassilon podcast. (1) Radio Rassilon is a British based Doctor Who podcast presented by co-creators Leeson and Harry Medium. Sardonic and irreverent, Radio Rassilon takes a lighthearted and sideways look at all things Doctor Who, and some more besides. Their clever conversations and witty retorts reveal their humor and deep love for the Doctor.

Rassilon’s facebook page describes Leeson as a frustrated nerd who wants to share his thoughts with the world. To further facilitate his need to share, Leeson added the unofficial Doctor Who podcast to his repertoire. He joined the podcast in 2012 to serve as one quarter of the hosting team. In addition to hosting podcasts, he can also be found at Dr Who conventions and fan events throughout England.



Leeson with the other hosts from the Doctor Who Podcast (Top Left)
Leeson and Harry Medium (Top Right and Bottom Left)
Leeson being choked by Louise Jameson (bottom Right)


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   Leeson answers 25 of the Best

Who was the last person you told “I love you”? 
Leeson:  My son

What will you find in your refrigerator if you looked right now?
Leeson:  Myriad jars of pickles, sauces and condiments that probably have something approaching an IQ by now. Lemon grass, potatoes and last nights leftovers (curry) 

What was the last expletive that you used?
Leeson:  George Bush

When was the last time you listened to the sound of your own breathing?Leeson:  Right now, for the purposes of answering this question

What is the worst tasting thing you have ever eaten?
Leeson:  Sun cream 

In the film of your life, who plays you and what is the title?
Leeson:  Peter Sellers, and it would be called 'We Haven't Started Yet, Right? 

Do you have a secret identity and will you share it? We will not tell...
Leeson:  I once pretended to be another person in a pub across the other side of town. I would go in on a Tuesday and pretend to be this other chap. I created a back story, alternate career, the whole lot. It all became a bit messy when this other 'me' began making genuine friends and connections with people. I canned the experiment at that point. I hadn't really thought through the consequences. 

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength?
Leeson:  Weakness 

Do you remember the last time you saw a random act of kindness?
Leeson:  I saw an old man drop his ice cream on the pavement, having not had chance to eat any of it. I bought him a new one.

If your iPod could only hold 3 songs, what would they be?
Leeson:  Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy, Rock and Roll Suicide by David Bowie, Peaches en Regalia by Frank Zappa 

What are you currently reading?
Leeson:  These questions

What does love feel like?
Leeson:  Being trapped in a duvet 

If personalities had an odor, what would you smell like?
Leeson:  The pages of an old book

How many times a day do the hands of a clock overlap?
Leeson:  22. I googled it 

Describe your happy place?
Leeson:  My teenage bedroom. Full of passion and optimism 

What color of M&Ms taste the best?
Leeson:  The yellow peanut ones 

What is your theme song?
Leeson:  Peaches en Regalia by Frank Zappa 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Leeson:  Me 

What do you do when you feel sad or depressed?
Leeson:  I listen to melacholic music, which I find uplifting 

What is the last dream you remember and will you tell us about it?
Leeson:  The dream I remember the most is from my childhood. I dreamt that the Daleks invaded Earth by hiding inside cans of baked beans. When the cans were opened the Daleks would swell to full size and rampage around. This dream went on night after night, each night I would go to bed and get the next installment from right where the previous nights had left off. 

Is the monster in your bedroom, under your bed or in your closet?
Leeson:  I am the monster in my bedroom 

Describe the perfect kiss using no more than 5 words?
Leeson:  Stanley, Simmons, Frehley and Criss 

What is your greatest fear?
Leeson:  Being found out 

What is your favorite comfort food?
Leeson:  Moules mariniere 

Do you truly feel loved? 
Leeson:  I don't understand the question 

Thank you, Leeson!

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